Sunday, 15 September 2013

Can I Get A Rewind?

OK - so the inevitable happened.  No blog posts for a few months does, unfortunately, mean no runs for a few months.  Life has been pretty hectic - planning for a mahoosive barbecue party in August did kind of take over (and a few tins of Cornish Rattler meant that most of the party remains a bit of a haze, although I'm pretty sure I broke my collarbone!).  Two weeks' holiday (cruising the Med) was lovely but unfortunately there was not much chance for running; the ship did have a running track on the top deck but unless you were up at 6am you had to spend most of the run avoiding deck hands mopping the deck, early sunbed reservers and people out in the designated smoking zone (through which the track went).  That said, I did manage two sessions but this I'm afraid represents my only running since the end of July.

As I write this I'm watching the Great North Run which does mean that my target is now officially a year away so I guess I ought to start taking it seriously.  This week is it!

So - to reboot:

Start of Week 2.1 (for computer OS numbering geeks):
Weight: Not telling
Exercise: None for a while
Feet: Still hidden from view!