Thursday, 24 July 2014

45 days to go!

Oh f**k - it's 45 days to go until the Great North Run.  They've even started putting the sign up on the Tyne Bridge.  I feel slightly sick - although that may be the microwaved curry and wine out of an unlabelled bottle I'm having/have had for tea.

Work has been a bit of a b@stard over the last few weeks - got involved in a particularly difficult case which pretty much took over my life for 3 weeks and allowed no time for any serious training.  Three weeks off quickly became four and now I feel like I'm starting again.  45 days to go!

It's hot this week.  Real hot.  Went for a quick break-back-in 2 mile run on Tuesday and I reckon I lost about 10% of my body weight in sweat - apparently Gary Lineker lost 1st during the 1990 World Cup Semi-final; still lost though!  Did the same run again today (with still-aching legs from Tuesday) and it felt a bit better.  Actually I felt stronger after the 4 week break than before - maybe a rest does you good every now and then.

I've had the bike out for some cross-training but I can't work out how to lift the handlebar up so I pretty much have to ride horizontally flat - like some kind of Tour de Francer (which I'm patently not).  This is surprisingly painful.  I wish I knew about bikes!

45 days to go!

I'll still do it - even if I end up hobbling round!!  Training begins in earnest again (although I'm off to Spain in a couple of weeks - it's as if the whole world is against me).  I'll have to give up on any thoughts of a decent time and just concentrate on getting round.  I will get round.

I will get round.

45 days to go!

My legs hurt.

Watch this space.....