Monday, 11 August 2014

I'm with Sooty

The stuff arrived while I was on holiday.  You know, the GNR stuff - no, not Guns N Roses, the Great North Run.  I'm number 54623 (Pink K) - a quick look at the start map reveals that I'm starting at the back, almost a full kilometre from the front.  This will severely hamper my attempt at winning the race.  I may have to settle for 54,623rd!  It includes an invite to a Pasta Party the day before - that would probably be more sensible than my planned lager and curry frenzy with my good friend Stu.

Holiday was good.  Alicante in August is seriously hot!  My nephew managed to fall and dislocate his elbow which gave us an unexpected experience of the Spanish health service.  Managed to run 4 miles during the week (which in the Costa Del Sol Sun is a serious achievement; honest).  The training programme steps up a bit this week but I can now comfortably run 5-6 miles with a month to go; should easily be doing 10 by the race and the full distance is only 3 more.  Couldn't be simpler!  Will try and blog more frequently during the final month.

Having a bit of a do this weekend for my birthday.  Lots of friends and family coming and lots of beer and meat to be consumed - according to my schedule I need to run a 10K the day after.  I may alter the schedule.

One slightly disturbing thing - there is such a thing as the "sweep van" in the Great North Run.  This sets off after after everyone has crossed the start line and proceeds to the finish at a pace of 17 minutes per mile.  Anyone being overtaken by the sweep van is deemed to have left the race and is asked to complete it on the pavement (to allow for road re-openings etc.) - this has chilling echoes of the ambulance following me around during the Woodhall 10K and a 17 minute mile is not that much slower than I run!  This is my new target - beat the sweep van round the course.

Looking forward to going back to South Shields - spent a few happy days there as a wean and we may be able to take my daughter to visit her great-grandmother who's not far away.

Thanks for reading and watch this space......