Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Good Walk Spoiled

I played a round of golf yesterday.  That brings my lifetime total to two.  It's quite tough - I reckon I hit about five shots the way I wanted to; the least said about the other hundred the better.  I did demonstrate an uncanny ability to find water mind - a talent that would've come in handy this time last year when, if you recall, a near-nationwide hosepipe ban was announced.  Also this time last year I was enjoying a week of pretty much unbroken sunshine and daily barbecues; a fact I had a chance to reflect upon as I was struggling up the 5th fairway in the middle of a snowstorm.  I was amazed to discover however that an average sized man (I met him once; he's quite a lot smaller than me) playing a round of golf and carrying his own clubs will burn 1,442 calories.  This is a huge amount so it came as something of a disappointment to find my weight increased again this morning (after yet another plod on the treadmill).  Still, this isn't about losing weight it's about running a half-marathon.  The positive news is my strength and fitness do seem to be improving.  The first round of golf I played was last year and the muscle pains I experienced for days afterwards have not been replicated this time, neither the fatigue I developed around the 15th hole.

I remain positive about the training, largely because the run itself it still around 18 months away but I do worry about what will happen when I need to run for 2-3 hours in a single session - where do people find the time?  My wife is running a 10K in a couple of weeks' time - she can do it on the treadmill but has never really done any road running; I'll be interested to see how she finds it.

In other news,  I have been mostly playing Metal Gear: Revengeance (a bit like God Of War but with Metal Gear characters) which looks nice but is a bit rubbish.  More cooking today as we provide more food for the family - pate, roast pork and some sort of chocolate concoction the kids have made.  Currently baking the bread (well, proving it).

End of week four:
4.5 miles covered, plus a round of golf
Appear to be stuck at 131kg (I know they say you shouldn't weight yourself too often but what're you gonna do?)
Musical highlight: Cuddly Toy by Roachford

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