Sunday, 9 June 2013

Making your mind up....

It's been a good learning week this week.  As you may or may not know I'm repeating a week from the programme, having the found the previous week too hard.  Today I decided to do my run outside rather than on the treadmill.  It has been an interesting experience - obviously I'm tracking the run with some smartphone software.  Although the time has been the same I've actually covered an extra 0.5k compared with the treadmill programme - turns out I run slower and walk faster.  I was running at a pace that felt comfortable today, one I think I could run a half marathon at and it turns out it's 7kph, not the 8kph I've been trying to do on the treadmill.  This would work out at a 3hr time for the half-marathon which I'd actually be really pleased at.  Two lessons - run outside wherever possible; run at 7kph on the treadmill.

Have also enjoyed the random iPod today - highlight was probably Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Live) - poor old Ozzy; still sounds good but can't quite hit those high notes any more!  Have also been enjoying Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys, an album I can recommend to anyone.

Spent the weekend clearing out the garage and have managed to fill an entire skip; there's so much space in the garage now I reckon you could get a car in it!  Weather seems to be trying to improve so it's all looking up.

So here it is - end of week whatever!
Weight 127.5kg (over a stone lighter than on New Year's Day 2012)
Ran 7.25km
Drank some beer and champagne
Planning on more outside running!

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