Saturday, 6 September 2014

They stack the odds still we take to the street

Jimi Jameson died this week - for those of you who don't know he was the lead singer of 1980s hair-rock outfit, Survivor.  A little while ago I wrote about needing a montage; well I could do with some of Jimi's stylings now!  For the more intellectually destitute of you, yes I know he didn't actually sing 'Eye of the Tiger' (he joined the group after that) but it's a good enough link for me.

The run is tomorrow.

The world's biggest half-marathon.  Among the finishers will be the millionth finisher of the Great North Run who, amongst other things, will get to meet Seb Coe.  It could be me.  If I finish.

The run is tomorrow.

Note I'm referring to it as a run.  The others I'm running it with keep calling it a race.  Race?  The only race I'll be doing is with the somewhat sinister-sounding "sweep van" which pootles along at about 3.5 miles an hour and anyone who it overtakes is out of the race.  Stephen King wrote a novel (under the name of Richard Bachman) called 'The Walk' in which contestants had to walk above 4 miles an hour.  Every time you dipped below you got a warning and after 2 warnings you were shot dead.  The winner was the last man standing.  I'm very worried about the sweep van.

The run is tomorrow.

If I'm honest, preparation hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped.  Holidays, a full-time job and (occasionally) sheer laziness have intervened.  By now I should be comfortably running 10 miles.  I can comfortably run 6 miles and I reckon I should be able to do 8.  Trouble is, that still leaves 5 more!  I know I've previously mentioned the run-walk strategy - this involves alternating running and walking and is, I'm told, a legitimate way of doing long-distance events.  I may yet go for that - something like 5/1 (i.e. run for 5 minutes, walk for 1 throughout the distance).

The run is tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Watch this space..........

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