Monday, 6 May 2013

Phase One complete

On Saturday I ran for 20 minutes straight.  This completes Phase One of my training (to progress from couch potato to a 20 minute run).  This is both good and bad news; the good news is that I managed a physical feat which would not have been possible just a few weeks ago while the bad news is that I now have to progress to Phase Two - training up to a 5k run.  I did the first part of that this morning, increasing my running pace to 8kph (I've only got little legs) and I don't think I'm going to enjoy it!  On a more positive note the weight continues to follow a downward trend, although I don't think the upcoming week in Spain will help in that respect!

The sun is finally shining and it's actually warm enough to go outside and enjoy it.  The heating's been turned off and we've even managed a couple of barbecues.  I'm now officially on holiday for the first time since last October so things are generally looking up!

So, end of Phase One
Can run 3k easily
Weight 127.7kg (a drop of 5.7kg, very nearly a stone)
9km covered last week
First big challenge coming up - a weeks' holiday

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