Monday, 7 April 2014

Don't push too far

It's a month since my last post but fortunately that doesn't mean I haven't been training.  I've been doing at least 3 sessions a week and am close to being ready to go for a longish run (by which I mean half an hour without stopping).  That should form the jumping off point for training for 10K which I need to be ready for by 1st June when I shall be attempting the Woodhall Spa 10K.  It was the Lincoln 10K yesterday which I did briefly consider entering but it just comes too soon in my schedule and I don't want to demoralise myself.  That said I was reassured by the amount of people doing the run/walk thing - I have calmed myself about the half marathon that if it comes to it I can do a run/walk and still cover the distance in a reasonable time.  No - the reason I haven't blogged for a while is because I haven't been able to think about anything funny to write, so don't hold your breath!

I guess I'll discuss running instead.  My wife did the Lincoln 10K yesterday in 1hr 40sec (the winning time was 32:10 which is just plain wrong).  I reckon I'm aiming for a time of around 1hr 15min in June and possible 3hr 30min for the half marathon - I'm not quite at the Elite level yet!  I did the Sport Relief 3 mile run as a run/walk and was in quite a lot of pain afterwards although felt surprisingly good the day after - my body is obviously becoming finely tuned (albeit in B fat major)!

One of the key things when running is the music - running is an incredibly boring occupation.  I've never found it useful to run with others; partly because they're always much faster than me and partly because I prefer to just get my head down and pound the pavement.  This is where music comes in - when I did the half-marathon all those years ago my Walkman batteries ran out at about 5 miles which made for a very bleak finish.  I can't remember what I was listening to at the time - probably Fantastic by Wham.

I'm currently trying to put together a play list which will get me through just over 3 hours of running. I'm after a mixture of uptempo songs (to revive me) and songs which run more or less at my pace - I was a little disappointed to discover that my running pace exactly matches T'Pau's classic "China In Your Hand," a song about Mary Shelly and Frankenstein!  I will be running at Frankenstein's pace.  Maybe I should hire a mob to chase after me waving pitchforks and torches?

Even more disappointing is the occasional unexpected song - I'm not sure how I've come to have the current mix of songs on my iPhone that I have but it seems to include the soundtrack from Mamma Mia amongst other things - I'd rather eat my legs than listen to that.  Truly horrifically a song came on today to which my initial reaction was "nice one - this is pretty good," only to realise half way through that it was a track from High School Musical!  So as I bopped to the top completing my 2 x 8 minute run:

Distance covered last month:  27.86km
Musical highlight: Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes
Weight lost: Absolutely f***ing none! Not fair.
Urine: Still smelly (see earlier blog if you're confused by that one)
Pain in ankles: Lessening
Breathlessness: Lessening
Urge to kill: Moderate

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